Participants are invited to submit an abstract on one of these two main questions:

  • Why do vector- and rodent-borne diseases emerge and spread in Europe?
  • How are research results translated to decision making?

More specifically, a non-restrictive list of possible topics is indicated below:

  • Rodent or vector behaviour: life-history traits, fitness, within- and between- species competitions, biology of populations, invasive species
  • Vector or pathogen status: taxonomy, phylogeny
  • Vector control: biocides, repellents, traps, area-wide integrated vector or rodent management, personal protection, human and social sciences, SIT, Wolbachia, genetic control
  • Impacts of vector control: ecotoxicity in the food chain, political, social and societal perceptions
  • Vector- or rodent-pathogen interactions: competence, immunity, immunogenetics, manipulation by parasites
  • Eco-epidemiology of vector-borne diseases: spatio-temporal dynamics of pathogen transmission, remote sensing applications, modelling
  • Models for decision making in economy or public health

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